IEW,the "Christian" Hell?

In Christianity,Hell is depicted as a realm of darkness with fiery fires around it where the creature they call Satan resides and rules.Hell in Christianity is the Kingdom of Satan.This place also,according to Christians is a place where soul suffers the consequences of sin.

However,they say that the Universe where the earth resides as well as the Planets is the Realm of their Christian "benevolent" God or it is the dominion of their God. But if you look carefully our universe and the way they depicts their "Hell",it matches: the vast darkness,the Balls of Fire which are the Stars like the Sun,the Evil Higher dimensional Alien life forms dominates it and deceives and impute evil upon us Humans on earth especially which makes our respective lives a hellish life.

Therefore,are the Christians saying that their "benevolent" God is the Satan Himself???



  1. The Christian God is the creature they created which they call "Satan"... indeed...but is Satan and Christian God do exist? Nevar..

  2. Anu panalsik laban sa sarili nila...

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