"Sin" In IEW

The word "sin" is a favorite word of religious sectors in IEW wherein they use it to win a proselyte,that one is so very sinful and needs a savior to cleanse one from one very sinful nature else one will go to hell and suffer the consequences of ones's sin..Owh Bullshit!

This damning deceitful machinery of the mainstream religions have deceive many into thinking that one is very sinful or a sinner that needs an urgent savior to cleanse one's terrible sin through the blood of a savior which they sells and market to the public.However,only mediocre thinking people is the one they could convince to buy their stupid "savior products".

Let me tell you that you should not believe and fear their false make believe teachings,i will tell you that there is NO SIN to repent of..

What there is,is MISTAKE that has CONSEQUENCES...

Laws written on papers only come from the wisdom of man....Your wisdom will tell you if what you are doing is right or wrong.....the measurement if it is good or bad is the consequences of it,if you decide to do this or not...what will be the consequences of it...Mistakes are the ones we should "repent" not the so called "sin" or religious sin.....
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