Humans's Power

There is no latent power that can't be activated because we all unknowingly tapped into it but only suppressed either by us or by anyone in unsolicited manner,thus sometimes it would not manifest.

I am talking about the power of our mind and well-known law of attraction and law of manifestation.I know some despise these laws either because some does not believe on the existence of such laws or some have tried to tapped into it yet failed,thus they gave up and conclude "it is not true".So if you are one of this some,i guess you can't read this,don't you?However,if you can then,thanks. ^_^

 Everything that we thought about since the beginning of our existence,whether positive or negative,if we don't suppressed it or cancel it from our mental system,whether we like it or not,it will come true.If it is not today,it will come tomorrow or the following day or next month or next year;as long as you are still alive.

See if in your childhood or teen years you have been thinking you might have asthma or you might be gay or lesbian,if you do not suspend or reject or cancel this thought of yours with strong and ardent intention to resist it;surely it will manifest,it may not be on your present childhood days or teen years or adult years but on your youth years or very old years.Just like i said "for as long as you are alive,whatever you have thought of either positively or negatively without suspending it or canceling it with all strong intention,it will come true one of the days of your lifetime"

Not only whatever you have thought of since childhood but also whatever you have thought Today or at this moment.

Remember our minds have power that could attract frequencies outside us.The best example of mental power is the mind-body  connection.

I know for some this is crazy but believe me or not it is not a crazy stuff.Why don't you try it for yourseelf,observe keenly.

So  what is the connection of this to my site?It has a great connection because this kind of mental power have been used and still using by the reptilian archons to deceive mentally ignorant humans here on earth.



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