"Do i believe in God?"

An online forum user have curiously ask me if i beleive in god because he is kind of confuse whether i am atheist or not because of my postings and replies on such forum,here i will share to you my responses. :)

;^^...I don't believe in the way the mainstream religions define the word and title "god"..and how they attribute this title to the Real Source of Life....because for me "god" is just a created Being and entity like us that has dominion, creations or works, kingdoms or area of territories, people or are family, relatives and friends; judgment or our thoughts, etc...  

For me “god" is just a "King”, a King of his/her own realm, so also us Humans we are King and Queens of our own realms that has the capacity to create something, that has people around us (our love ones and our servants/slaves or utusan),that has own judgment on things within our realm; We too have supernatural powers but was not realized because of the suppressing force of the Main religious group which slaves us into powerless state of existence...
The source of life can never be called "god" because the source of life is NOT GOD,but Far More Superior than it...the "Ultimate Source" for me is the best,clean,and accurate depiction of the ineffable source of life.

I don't believe in "god" to be the "Ultimate Source" but i believe in the "Ultimate Source" because Indeed it is Undeniable that LIFE EXIST..

Mainstream religions today like Christianity and Islam are just forms but do not have substance and essence of the real one like wolf in sheep's clothing,it has a form of a sheep but it do not have the substance of a sheep rather a wolf one..

Thus,beware of a deceitful appearance...Akala mo gwapong lalake pero ang totoo Aswang pala siya..


 If nothing exists, therefore there is NO LIFE, NO CREATOR and NO CREATION...wala sana tayu naun


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