Does the Darkness in IEW,ultimate nothingness?

Dark Universe - IEW
 Do Nothingness exist? Does the Darkness we see in IEW the ultimate nothingness?

Nothingness do not exist because it is nothing,thus the Darkness in IEW is something and not the ultimate nothingness.Therefore if it is something,how can this vast infinite Darkness come into existence?who bring it forth?

If the "god" which the mainstream religions claim that this god is the creator of our dark universe which is IEW yet they call this god - Pure Light without any spot of darkness,and darkness is alien to his nature- then why there is Darkness in IEW? We already say that this Darkness is not the ultimate nothingness because it is something and we can describe it for it is truly nothing we could not any means describe it as "darkness" because it does not exist then.

Then,what is this Vast seemingly infinite covering of IEW,wherein the planet Earth is Included?

A "creator-god" who is pure light in his existence and nature cannot by any means produce it from his pure light because Light will not produce Darkness,as a Mango tree will not produce Apple fruit,even though this Pure light 'creator-god" is all powerful,it cannot be justified that he can produce something which do not exist out of nothing because He himself is something to reckon to and not Nothing which can therefore conclude that he produces something which do not exist out of Something that He has being a creator,like something from his powers to produce a non-existent thing.

For Certainly Nothing cannot produce Something because it is Nothing.
No something that comes out from nothing because Nothing is how can Nothing creates or produce something if Nothing has no anything within it either invisible and visible...

For if Nothing has something to bring forth it only means Nothing has something in it,thus Nothing cannot be called Nothing then rather Something because it has something within it to bring it forth..

Therefore.whoever or wherever the Vast Darkness that covers IEW came from,what it came from is also Darkness or have Dark nature because Light cannot produce Darkness as in a Mango tree cannot produce an Apple fruit.


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