Alpha and Omega Truths

Alpha and Omega are greek letters or alphabets,which means Beginning or First and End or Last and the First and the Last Greek letter on Greek Alphabet. The Christian biblical Jesus have a statement in the New Testament part of the Chriatian Bible which states that he is the "Alpha and Omega",where most Christians who beleive that Jesus is the ultimate God,falsely interpret the statement to mean "eternity" or "Beginningless and Endless" existence,whereas,it literally means Beginning and End.

They cannot understand the difference between a Being that has beginning and a Being that has no Beginning.For if their biblical Jesus meant that he is "Beginningless and Endless",he would not say he is "Alpha and Omega",but rather would say "I am the "Beginningless and Endless" (Beginningless and Endless connotes Eternalness but "Alpha and Omega" connotes both immortality and mortality;note there is a major difference between an Eternal Being and an Immortal Being,we will just discuss this next time)

Anyway,what does the Biblical Jesus really meant when he says he is "Alpha and Omega"?

In the gnostic book "Pistis Sophia",the gnostic Jesus there state another statement saying that he is the First Mystery and the 24th Mystery as well because he resides or come from the First Mystery which is also the 24th Mystery.

"I have come forth from that First Mystery which is the last mystery, namely the 24th"

If we compare this gnostic statement of him to his biblical statement " I am the Alpha and Omega",we can conclude that they are just the same.How?

Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet while Omega is the last or 24th letter of the Greek alphabet. 

alpha = First Mystery
omega = 24th Mystery

Therefore,if Jesus is the Alpha,which is the First Mystery and Omega which is the 24th Mystery,wherein he came from or reside in,then Jesus is just a mere Being on the Bottom of the Hierarchy of dimensional Beings! and he is not really GOD!

First Mystery = 24th Mystery....

If one count vertical downward from the Hierarchy,it is 24th Mystery...
But if you count vertical Upward from the Hierarchy,it is 1st Mystery.....

There is a probability that the 24th Mystery is in IEW because of the depictions of the places of the gnostic archons and the 12 constellation in the gnostic book 'Pistis Sophia"

Therefore,the Biblical and Gnostic Jesus is NOT on the MOST HIGH position in Creation!!!!



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  3. NADA Kahit sa Lowest NADA! BOOM!

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    Really? Is it that simple? Alpha being the first Greek alphabet, and Omega being the 24th? What is the process you derived this from?

  5. That's what the scriptures depicts.It is thru correlations anonymous..

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