Who Created God?

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The Ultimate Source created "god"....God is a title for a King in a world beyond our dark universe and Lord is the title for a Prince...it is such that we are an inferior beings that has no supernatural powers (but i know we have..our Minds have power)....

As for me The Ultimate Source is the Being whose existence is Beginning-less and Endless...The Ultimate Source initiates the Visibilities..and God is the Beginning of the Visibility and the Head of it..

...that is my belief..

Yap..everything that exist has POINT OF ORIGIN...it is like a DOT...and that Point of origin expands into a line or lines connecting each other to form something.....The expansion of that Point of Origin is US and our Universe...

The Point of Origin is The Beginning of Creation,which i personally called God..because from that One Beginning..the Dot has expand into our emanations or creations....Thus God is also A created Thing because it has a Beginning....and the Single Dot embraces Us all...
..and this Dot which embraces us all was embrace by what i personally call THE ULTIMATE SOURCE which has no Point of Origin or Beginningless..

I call the DOT or Point of Origin as God because almost all the religious Scriptures of all religions ascribe and depict God to have a dominion or kingdom which have a servants of myriad powers like angels for example which can be equated to a KING...

But THE ULTIMATE SOURCE has NONE of this Dominions,servants or Myriads of powers,authority,etc...because THE ULTIMATE SOURCE has no Need Of this Things because THE ULTIMATE SOURCE is the source of Power of the Dot(God) to expand itself.

It is like this, some of you perceived God to be something like my ULTIMATE SOURCE,however to me my perception about God is just equal to a King that has dominion and powers(as some almost religious scriptures depicts their respective Gods;either good god or evil god;the difference only is God have creative power compare to an earthly King)...which therefore causes "labo" when i speak about the ULTIMATE SOURCE on my other threads..Actually a God is just really a King whose commands and laws cannot be broken else you will be punish and go to hell..ehhee..as what the religious scriptures depicts god yet still the religious scriptures says God is the cause of everything who has no beginning…or depicts to be ineffable..they contain God yet they say he is uncontainable…which I personally interfere..it is the wrong usage of the word “god”….that is they both refer or define God to be a Supernatural King and the Ineffable Source (which is for me the Ultimate Source) which creates confusion to the readers of their scriptures….they don’t exactly differentiate the Two beings they are referring to or it could be a deliberate alteration and concealment,ignorance or whatever….
The God they depict has dominion or kingdom,have myriads of powers and so called servants,have commands and laws,and have supernatural creative powers which is if you examine it,it is the equivalent of an earthly King minus the supernatural creative powers,which can therefore means a God is a Higher type of King or Great Ruler…
See the gods :
1.Yahweh – the God of Israel and scholars depicts him to be the War God of Israel
2. Aprodite – the godess of Love and Beauty
3.Zeus – god of the gods of the Olympian gods
4. Demeter –godess of harvest
5.Poseidon – god of the sea..
Etc.etc…and other thousands of gods and goddesses..

The religious faithful even describes their gods to be warring against one another..warring who is more powerful and more wise..and warring to be the Position to be the Supreme God of the assembly of gods and goddess….Moreover these gods and goddess were depicted to have either Human or Manly form or a bestial form or the combination of the two…which the religious faithful hints their readers that these gods and goddesses are like us and like the beast or animals..it is such that they are only higher being compare to us and to early animals which are inferior beings….Which gives us a clear perception that Gods and Goddess are NOT the ULTIMATE SOURCE of everything Rather they are Just like Us and Like the Animals..the only difference is they Are Higher Beings that has Supernatural powers (one of their supernatural powers is to create something..Which quite similar to our characteristics to be creative)
Therefore,seeing that this the perception about god of the religious faithful,it could only mean god is Not the ULTIMATE SOURCE or ULTIMATE CREATOR or Emanator but a God is also a created being under the ONE who cause the Gods and goddesses to exist,which in turn the Gods and Goddess causes the inferior beings like us and the animals to exist in the Likeness of their image. Thus a god is a created being and is embrace by the One who cause him to exist.

So now if you look God to be the ultimate creator or compare to my ULTIMATE SOURCE…the ULTIMATE SOURCE (which is in your perception and on other people’s perception as God which is quite wrong as I explain above) was embrace also with the causality principle..That causality Principle is what is called LIFE…true life has no death…therefore if TRUE LIFE HAS NO DEATH which means TRUE LIFE HAS NO BEGINNING..because it has no End which is Death…..TRUE LIFE EMBRACES THE ULTIMATE SOURCE…the ULTIMATE SOURCE is neither god or Man or beast…but was Engulf with the INVISIBILITY OF INFINITE SILENCE OF TRUE LIFE…..TRUE LIFE causes itself to manifest from an invisible existence…and the effect is the BEGINNING of all Visible created things like God,godess,universe,etc.


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