Why Would A False God Use A Word That Signifies The Power Of Heaven And Earth?

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Two questions...

1. Why would a false god use a word that signifies the power of heaven and earth?

2. Why would a false god start his holy book Genesis 1:1 with a root word blessing?

Oh, yes I'm hungry... my hunger is solely based on knowing who my God is in a spiritually deep sense way beyond what mainstream Christianity teaches.
Okey..simple lang ang answer sa dalawang tanung mo....TO DECEIVE...(out of their ignorance or intentional like covering up or hiding or withholding something)

Tulad sa isang soap opera,agad bang sasabihin ng Kontrabida sa mga Bida "ako ang Kontrabida lolokohin ko kayong lahat",usually nagkukunwari siyang mabait,kakampi ng bida...etc...muna bago siya mabuking,hindi ba?

You know a false gods is not a powerless beings like us human beings,they have power you know hindi sila inutil kaya lang limited power nila thus there is sense of weakness in their powers,thus they have the power over us,that is they can Maldicted(impute evil,like disasters,tragedies..etc.) us or Bless us....

Don't you know Angels even though they are not god have power over us too to maldict or bless us...to guide us or mislead us..?

As long as we are powerless humans,we could not overcome any non-human beings that has power over us..

They have this kind of power and authority in heavens where they reside and upon the earth because this is their world and kingdom

Bakit kaya sabi ni Jesus "I AM NOT OF THIS WORLD...MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD" if he is the creator of our world? the "word" world here refers to the entirety not the earth only..At bakit sabi rin ni apostle John "do not love this world.if anyone love this word the love of the father is not in him.".....haay naku alam ko ang iba diyan hindi nanaman ito maiintindihan kasi nga dahil sa contradictory verses sa OT at NT...

Look this statement of the devil one in luke 4 :5 "then the devil,taking him up on a high mountain,showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time.And the devil said to him "All this authority i will give you,and their glory;for this has been delivered to me,and i give it to whomever i wish.Therefore,if you will worship before me,all will be yours."

is this a clear power and authority to bless and to withhold(not imputing good) of the false god?

Bakit kaya sabi rin ni Jesus "What is that to you if you gain the whole world and looses your own soul?..." o sa tagalog "e anu ngayon kung naging mayaman ka,naging sikat ka(tulad ni manny pacquio..ooops sorry no offense for pacquio lovers...peace) o anu man na achieve mo worldy in this world,kung mamamatay naman soul mo,maliligtas kaba ng mga ito?"

However,in a gnostic sense...false gods are basically the creators of our dark universe and the planets and the earth that is therein as well...which simply means they have power and authority over those who are under them which is us and they of course resides in the Heavenly Realms or Heavenly Places

But if we resides also in the Heavenly Realms we will be also equal with those who resides up there and they will not have power over us...They are Above and We are Below thus they have the power to control the heavens and earth..

There is wrong a perception in the world today,that if they say "god" ibig sabihin iyong ultimate at supreme all-powerful being na over the entire creation na...BUT THAT IS NOT IT...kaya iba dito hindi nila ako maintindihan...the word "god" refers only to spiritual beings who has a chief authority and power over the realm he governed like a King..For the UNKNOWN FATHER cannot be called mere "god","lord" for the UNKNOWN FATHER IS FAR MORE SUPERIOR THAT THESE TITLES...THE SUPREME BEING IS NOT A MERE A KING OR LORD OR GOD...MAS HIGIT PA SIYA SA PAGIGING GOD...

Another misinterpreted word = "heaven".Kapag kasing sinabi mong heaven.."ah throne of the supreme being" ganun iyong perception,but actually up there there are many Heavenly Places filled with also with spiritual beings which are not 'god'


There is another misinterpreted word "blessing"....iniisip ng ibang tao "god" lang ang puedeng mag bless sa mortal man..but actually kahit iyong mga angel at demonyo puede silang mag bless...


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