Why There Is "God"?

There is God because there is creation. For (1) a creation needs a creator,(2) a creation needs a designer(the forms and shape of the created things and the appearance of the surrounding or realm),(3) a creation needs a Life-giver, and (4) a creation needs a law-giver (the laws of nature)These Four necessities of creation certifies that there is God or why there is God.
Who invented God? God himself invented himself into our nature, especially on our Mind, for we are his creations. His DNA runs within us.

1. A creation needs a Creator. For something, will not come into existence if there is no one who brought it out? For if something brought itself into existence, it only means this something has a beginning! For one who has a beginning is the creation of the one who has no beginning even though this No Beginning does not brought it out. Take for example good and evil,eventhough good and evil brought itself into existence, it could never be denied that it come from a region or source or dimension it brought itself out.For it will not brought out itself out if its existence has no beginning. For one who has no beginning does not brought out itself,for it is already existing eternally.
2. A creation needs a Designer. Manifold shapes and appearances will not manifest if they does not come from what is whole where they are formerly attached.This whole brought them into existence.This whole is their originator.They have a beginning,don’t they?Thus,they have an Originator who has no beginning.
3. A creation needs a Life-giver. Why there is death if there is no life-giver? For eventhough something brought itself into existence,it could not brought itself into existence if it is dead,and if it comes from a dead region or dimension.For Death is non-existence.But Life is Existence.Death is powerlessness but Life is powerfulness.
4. A creation needs a Lawgiver. Why everything go in a repetitive cycle?Why do we move and drive like this and like that? If we create laws by ourselves alone,why do we are under the laws which we created? Is not it,the Creator is above his creations?If cycle create itself,why does it is slave of itself?


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