Scripture Review : "Authoritative Teaching"

Gnostic Scripture : Authoritative Teaching
Translated by : George W. MacRae

My own Brief Review :

This Gnostic Scripture speaks about the wandering and the lost of the Soul(depicted with a pronoun "she")in the realm of Darkness.She is being seduced and tempted by the rulers of darkness with the victuals of this World(the realm of Darkness or our World)..She was enticed by these stupor devils that the World's riches (food,money,wealth,success,love,sex,etc.which are the victuals of this World which one's soul is enticed to possess which she blindly thought she needed it for her to be happy and joyous and attain eternity of Life)was her really needs and necessities in order to live or to have life.

These devils fed her with their victuals thus once she have tested it she longs more about it.But the Savoiur help her open her eyes that she did not need these victuals.

But these devils try to trap her with these victuals so that she could not ascend into the Pleroma (the Realm of Light...The Bridal Chamber where her husband is waiting for her)These devils wants to enslaves her under their cruel Laws and punishment..

This is one of my favorite Gnostic Scripture it is very beautiful :)

This last words are very touchy : ".......But the rational soul who (also) wearied herself in seeking - she learned about God. She labored with inquiring, enduring distress in the body, wearing out her feet after the evangelists, learning about the Inscrutable One. She found her rising. She came to rest in him who is at rest. She reclined in the bride-chamber. She ate of the banquet for which she had hungered. She partook of the immortal food. She found what she had sought after. She received rest from her labors, while the light that shines forth upon her does not sink. ...."



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