God of Jesus Versus God of the Jews

These two verses taken from the "gospel of John",speaks also the Truth that the God Jesus is preaching is Not the God the Jews have known.

>The Jews says "We know God(the God Jews have known,which is of course Jehovah or the God of Israel).We know Moses.But this Man(Jesus) we do not know"
>Jesus reply "You don't know God. But I know Him(the true God Jesus preach)"

= This conversation between the Jews and Jesus proves that both party speaks different god.The God which the Jews have known and knew which is Jehovah,thus, the Jews were Confused about Jesus claims and Jesus' statements about God.That is, Jesus's words are not consistent and not confirming to their Jewish beleifs about God or about what is written in their Mosaic scriptures.Thus, they utter "we know God,we knew Moses,but this man (jesus) we do not know"

However,Jesus,utterly deny their claims that they "knew God" rather Jesus,exclusively claim that he is the only one who knew God.That Jehovah which they have known to be the true god is Not really the God himself

For if Jesus preached about Jehovah,the Jews will not be offended by Jesus's word about go,but rather surely the Jews will love him and will not labelled Jesus "demon-posessed". And the jews will not say "we know God,we know moses,but this man we do not know",rather they will instead say "You are right Rabbi"

Moreover, Jesus will not say "You don't know God but i know God",rather he will say "Our God which we know from Moses." And Jesus will not expressed exclusive knowledge about god and will not accused the Jews of ignorance about God.


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