Fallen Pistis Sophia = Fallen From Grace

The fall of Pistis Sophia from Pleroma or Kingdom of Light is of course her fallen from Grace.Grace which is in Pleroma. A mistake of a Woman that have resulted into a catasthropic multiple errors,mistakes,deficiencies,and evils into the graveyard she fall into..which is our Dark Universe-Our world. Our World is the region of Death,the Graveyard. From her mistake,the King of Death -"ang Supulturero" - Yaldabaoth (Satan) with Yaldabaoth's minions and children which of course include the God of Israel -Sabaoth adonaios have arisen to watch the "tombs" and to watch the Realm of Dakness..while the entrapped light-powers of Pistis Sophia which runs within our Souls and within Yaldabaoth and his minions and within Sabaoth Adonaios is waiting for a Savior from the Pleroma to bring us back from the Grace...

But Yaldabaoth and Sabaoth Adonaious learning that their "pagiging Supulturero" will end at the accomplishment of the mission of the Savior,they wanted to trap every souls into more activities that paste mortal mankind more into their respective graves and sowing false consciousness or false doctines or false knowledge to KEEP MORTAL MANKIND BLIND..and sow EVIL NAMES AMONG THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE MISSION OF THE SAVIOR AND OUR TRUE ORIGIN (THEY LABELLED THEM "SATANIC","DEMON-POSSESSED","INSANE",ETC, AND OTHER EVIL NAMES) so that those who are biological and naturally minded mortal man will not listen and will despise the real PREACHERS OF TRUTH...

They do these,so that their Powers and Authority will remain,for the accomplishment of the mission of the Savior means Death to their existence and Power and Authority.


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    hmmm ism that really or we dont know for,sure the gnostics

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