Jesus The Healer

Jesus is called our healer or physician because he will heal all our defieciencies which we inherit from Pistis Sophia by making us perfect through reuniting us back into the light or into the truth or into the Pure Light God or into the Pleroma or Universe of Light by the Medicine he brought from the Pleroma. And through this Medicine,he will heal our defieciencies and will took us back from where we have fallen- that is we have fallen from the Pleroma.

And this medicine which we become deficient of is the knowledge of truth or the Gnosis of truth - the knowledge of the PLeroma and the Unknown Father,which is called The Mysteries of the Light.

We have fallen into forgetfulness of the Light thus our minds have been filled with darkness..

Truth and Light and Goodness exist in the Realm of Light Or Universe of Light or Pleroma..

Errors and Darkness and Evil exist in the Realm of Darkness or Universe of Darkness or Our World or the Universe where our earth dwells.


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