Is "End Of The World" True?

There are a lot of arguments and lingering scare about this issue within the religious circles.However,some have always fail to convince people the reality of this moment in our existence on earth,due to their prophecies does not always do come into reality or do come true.Thus,some have lost their appetite to this issue that it was just a hoax or a false story that should not be believe upon.

However, of course those who believe on the trueness of this issue still steadfastly cling for it realization and materialization.

Now, let us this questions "Is 'End of the World' true? and "Why there is 'End of the World'"?

In my opinion, i will try to explain it in a gnostic view.

There is an "end of the world" because our world(which is our Universe) is full of Darkness.Yes,Darkness.

Is not it,our universe is envelope with a seemingly endless vast magnitude of Darkness?

So what does Darkness implicate to "end of the world"?

In a religious and spiritual term and usage,Darkness is said to be the "rulership of Evil", thus "evil forces" are called "dark forces".Darkness does not connote good is not it?Thus,as long as Darkness exist Evil also exist.

Evil connotes "Destruction" is not it?

Thus, the destruction of our World is the destruction of evil."End of our World" is "End of Evil/Darkness"..Thus,making the Gnostics true that our world is not a creation of a Pure-Light-Good God.

Another evidence is the existence of TIME.
Time what we know is NOT ETERNAL or rather it is only MOMENTARY..

The existence of a Solar systems and their orbits and revolutions proves the existence of TIME in our universe.That our universe is NOT ETERNAL but rather only MOMENTARY and HAVE FIXED TIME OF ENDING.

Therefor,it only means our world was only created for a purpose,or for a divine purpose which has a time of duration.WHICH PROVES THAT THE BELIEFS OF THE GNOSTICS ARE TRUE.THAT OUR WORLD IS NOT INDEED THE CREATION OF A PERFECT GOD.

The time of ending is the time when that divine purpose is already completed and accomplished.When that day come, it is already the "End of the World"

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