Origin Of Religion

Religion didn't exactly originated from any single group of people in the planet earth that spreads and emanates into many derivative beliefs,in a standpoint of my opinion.However,it can be from one group but where does their belief system come from?So that would be the question for it..

In my opinion,it originates exactly within our minds.Our mind or man himself teaches him what his eyes saw and what his ears hears that there is a Superior Being over him who created these creations surrounding him.For these creations his eyes sees and his ears hears,his mind teaches him that he didn't created these creations by his own hands but this co-exist with him.His mind could not deny these facts and truths.From these observances of him,his beliefs and systems of beliefs or what we call Religion Begun.Thus,his faith started.Faith is only in the Mind of man...

Our minds are connected to the Ultimate Source (the Ultimate source which is in PEW)
Problems only arises about "what is the true religion?","Is God true"?,etc. because the circuits of our mind are distorted by the higher dimension Beings in IEW which mislead us always to suit their selfish intentions


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