Brief Musings About Repentance

Repentance is a major factor of salvation for forgiveness only comes after repentance,thus without repentance there is no also forgiveness and faith in God.For why do you repent if you do not believe that God exist that you have taken a separation from Him that a Savior must bring you back before you die in your separation from Him.Separation from God is sin or Sin is the separation from God.Separation from His bosom or from Pleroma or Kingdom of God.

The result of repentance is forgiveness.Therefore can God forgive a sinful being if this one is not repentant and penitent of one's separation from the bosom of God.God wants this one to bring this one back to him because the separation of this one from him means Death.For He is Life and outside or beyond Him is Death.Thus separating from Him means Death.Thus the "wages of sin is Death".God's intention why He want us to bring us back to Him is HE LOvEs Us Dearly that He does not Wanted us to Die because of our separation from Him.We are the "Prodigal Son" who separated from His Father.

Therefore,can God's forgiveness be granted to the one who does not repent from one's separation?

Take for example to the one who have offended you,Can you forgive him if he does not repent his sins he have done against you if he does not ask forgiveness from you but instead continually sinning against you?Will your offender assume that you have already forgiven him though he do not ask forgiveness from you?


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