Mortal Life

It is said that our “life is short”, thus we should do what we ought to do in the short life of ours. However, did you know that this life we called “Life” is not life at all! For true life has No Death in it and knows No Time or has No Temporality or No Momentariness. Moreover, it knows No Sickness, No Weakness, No Pain and Sorrow, and No Struggles. It is Alien to Death and Deterioration or Sickness. For true Life is Eternal or Timeless. True Life is Not Bounded by the movements of planets and stars. It is Not Confided by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. For it is alien to these.

It is ironic that we call our life “Life”, but rather our life, which we call “Life”, is not truly life at all. For the life that we call, “Life” Has Death in it or Death Have Power over it. Moreover, the movements of the planets and stars bound it. In addition, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years confide it. For does, Life has Death. On the other hand, does Death have Life? Rather life exists in life and death exists in death. Therefore, the momentary life that we call “life”, “Life" cannot be called. Rather, “Temporality” or “Momentariness”. For that best describes it and not “Life.”

Therefore, why then our souls are subjected to Temporality? Does God created Death? - God Never created Death; had He subjected our souls neither to temporality nor to death. For does God being Eternal bring forth or produce Death and temporality out of His Eternal, Undying, Immortal, and Imperishable Nature ?Does Eternity or Immortality begots or produces Temporality or Mortality and Death?
It cannot be! Is not it? As a mortal couple could not begot or beget immortal children, neither, an immortal couple could not begot mortal children. Rather mortal couple begots also mortal children. Because mortality begots mortality. Moreover, immortal couple begots also immortal children. Because, immortality begots immortality. For humans will not begot animals neither animals will begot humans. As a mango tree could not bear or produce an orange fruit. Neither wills an orange tree will bear mango fruit. Good will not begot Evil.

Therefore,if this is so,how come we are mortal?! Ooops!,donot reason out that is why we are mortal is because of the transgression of Adam and Eve in the garden.That is an invalid and illogical reason.See the invalidity and illogicalness of this reason on Why we are on Earth? and Why we are Imperfect and Mortal?

We struggle to define life and comprehend its course and circumstances. We grope in darkness trying to understand and comprehend life. Mostly, in times when we stumble and fall .And in times we are ignorant why we stumble and fall. We could not understand life because we walk in darkness and in the deceitfulness of our sins or imperfections and mistakes. In addition, as well as to our presumptions and own set of theories of life that we try to apply in our life which seems so bizarre us more and blurred on us. We walk as if we are blind; we walk as if we are deaf and mute, maimed and lame. Our life oppresses us when we buffeted by the winds of adversity, which we just cripple in fear because we do not see what is beyond the horizon. We are prisoners of our own set of problems and anxiety for tomorrow.


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