Desire And Lust

Desire and Lust is the appetite to be filled and the sensation of hunger and thirst. In short, it is the proof of Lacking ness or Deficiency or Imperfection. Desire originated from the deficiency of our nature. For we only desire and lust for something because we are deficient of it. For if we are not deficient of it, we will not desire and lust for it at all. For we are already then perfect, whole, and complete.
For example: One who does not have any television set at home will surely desire, lust, and covet for it. In the other hand, the one who have already a lot of television set at home will not surely desire, lust, and covet for it anymore.
We only desire because we don’t have it. However, too much desire could lead to greediness and discontentment. Why? Because fullness or too much ness contradicts our deficient nature. That is, because our nature is Deficient! Thus, no matter how much you fill it, it could never be filled, because it is deficient.
For example: Can you fill-up with water a container with a leak? Certainly, you cannot, because the container is Deficient or imperfect. The container desire to be filled with water but when water is pour into it, the container could never get satisfied. For it always getting empty because its nature is deficient- that is, it has a Leak.
Stimulants of Desire and Lust
Our desire is stimulated by other defects in our nature. That is, by Jealousy and Envy. Jealousy and Envy are like Leaks in a container that stimulate the container to desire. Such as to be patch up and to be filled with water.
a.) What is Jealousy?
Jealousy is the feeling of insecurity to oneself that the another might outdo him/her in terms of intelligence,beauty,treatment,attention,love,affection,worship,service,riches,etc.
Can the Good God be Jealous? However, YHVH is a Jealous God. Actually, according to himself, his name is Jealous.
b.) What is Envy?
Envy is a higher degree of jealousy. In this the one that s insecure seeks to snatch the things he/she is jealous upon from the another and sometimes one put to silence the another either by killing or hurting the another by slandering and torture so that one will be the one who will remain superior.
Insecurity to oneself connotes Deficiency. There is lacking about oneself – that is, lack of Security to oneself. Thus, one desire and lust for something because one does not have it or one lacks of it.
When our desire be eliminated?
That is, when we are already Perfect, complete, and whole in our nature like the True God. For the True God has no Desire sensation because he is already Full and Perfect.



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