Are Anger and Wrath and Jealousy the Characters of a True Good God?

The capacity to be angered and provoked to wrath proves the shortness of patience,the shortness of patience,the shortness of temperance,of Peace and Rest. Because there is the capacity to be disturbed and to be troubled within and without.(inside-out)

For how can a God be provoked to anger,wrath and disturbances if he is eternally secured? If Patience,temperance,Peace and Rest is eternally INTACT and WHOLE and PERFECT in Him?

Is Disturbances could disturb His Peace and Rest if His Peace and Rest is eternally intact and cannot be penetrated and indestructible?

Is disturbances could disturb and hamper His patience and temperance if His Patience and temperance is eternally intact and unshakable and immovable?

Can an Eternally Secured God be provoked to Jealousy? You must be kidding and out of your Mind!!!

It only proves that his nature and being is shakeable,movable and CAN BE DESTROY!


  1. Anonymous says:

    yap exactly! you are Right!

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