Pleroma : The Bridal Chamber

Bridal Chamber refers to the church or Pleroma.Male and Female are united inside the church or within the pleroma or inside the Bridal Chamber.Yes,that is true.Male and Female are united within the pleroma,but outside the pleroma,Male and Female are separated from one another.

When male and female are united there is Life as within the pleroma posessed. But when male and female are separated there is death as outside the pleroma have.

Life exist in the Pleroma but Death exist outside the Pleroma. Life is Eternity but Death is temporality. Pleroma is the Realm of Light and Life but Outside Pleroma which is the Realm of Darkness and Death.

Yes,in the Pleroma,Male and Female are United into one body.They are not separated.
But outside the Pleroma,Male and Female are separated into two body.They are Not United.

This is so evident that The Realm our earth Dwells is The Realm of Darkness and Death or the Realm Outside the Pleroma,thus, Male and Female here are Separated.


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