Pistis Sophia Saves

Faith Alone without Knowledge does not Save but Pistis Sophia (Faith Wisdom) Saves.

For Faith alone could lead you more into disasters,tragedies,and disappointments.
For you could easily be deceived and be fool and be use and enslave.Madali kang maloloko, mapaglalaruan, magagamit, maalipin, etc.

For Faith alone is a powerful weapon of disaster that can be use against you and against other who easily believe in and trust.

For Faith alone is foolishness,for it deceives you about the real truth.
It hurts you and harmas you,it enslaves you and controls you,it leads you to disasters and tragedies.

Faith alone without knowledge or wisdom will not save you.
In the same way Knowledge alone without faith on the knowledge learned is also not good,if you are full of doubts and skepticism.

Thus, a combination of Faith and Knowledge will save you. Action is the image of these two..



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