Why a secret doctrine become a secret doctrine

It is not a "secret doctrine" at all...for not only me who knew it but also those who have known it...some scholars do also knew it,they just keep quiet about their discovery...

It just become secret because some are Reluctant to Knew it (that is those,who despise Gnostic religion and have only one-sided mindset: that is they only seek to invalidate its validity but seeking the validity of their own "bible-beliefs"...it is indeed one-sided and bias study)

It just become secret because some are Ignorant (that is those who doesn't care to study and despise too much study,what they only knew is eat,drink,sleep,play,and simple earth-bound insights about life...thus,they themselves make themselves Ignorant individuals...Ignorant of It..)

It just become secret to those who have been Brainwashed or Wrongly Indoctrinated and Blinded ( that is they resist to believed it and despise it,what they believe in and exalting of is their wrongly indoctrinated mind.It takes a miracle for them to believed).

Yan i have stated it well why it has become secret doctrine to some,and why to some it is not...


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