The Difference Between Mortal Man and Immortal Man

There are major two MANs in the creation,that is,The First Man which is the Perfect Immortal,Androgynous,Eternal Man that exist before Mortal Man or the Second Man exist.

Yes,Mortal Man is the second kind of Man which Imperfect,Mortal,Single-sex Man that exist after the First Man. Mortal man is only the imperfect likeness of Immortal Man.

For Immortal Man is the True Perfect Man.

Mortal man is held captive or held slave by the Evil Principalities and Powers under their authority,power,and laws and commandments. A puppet man then he is.

But the Immortal Man is not held captive neither slave for an Immortal Man is a Free Man and a "True God"

The Immortal could create his own universe and kingdom,he could do what he wanted to do because he is a free man or free being. He is a free man because he is a son. He is free and not needed to be under the law or any law or to be teach by the law because he is perfect man- he can do his own laws and who is inherently good and wise.

Jesus belongs to the race of the Perfect Mankind.


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