Reasons Why Some become Atheist and Agnostic

Atheism and Agnosticism

Atheism as a true Atheistic says that it an unbelief on the existence of the so-called "god" or on religious "god" but belief on some empirical evidences in creation as the truth contrary to the "wishful thinking"(as the atheists branded the religious theists) proof of religious theist; and belief on an existence of an ineffable thing.

There have been Atheists back then during the Greek era wherein Socrates was accused of committing atheism....

Atheism and Agnosticism,why they exist?Is this kind of beliefs systems rejects or dismiss a hope for PEW?
Perhaps,it is not because this kind of people were just very disappointed about the erroneous PEW promises of false PEW preachers and their false PEW scriptures  like the Bible and they thought that the Bible is the source of "God Consciousness" and "Christ Consciousness" which have many contradictions and flaws.It is the False PEW preachers and their False and Erroneous PEW scriptures have created Atheism and Agnosticism.


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