Between Sabaoth Adamas & Sabaoth Adonai

The following are my own hypothesis and comparative analysis between Sabaoth Adamas -the Tyrant archon and the Archon Sabaoth -the believed to be the creator of Israel by some gnostic christians (reference book : “On the Origin of the World(the Untitled text)” For me they seems to be only one being.
Here are my comparative results :

1. Both are Archons(Spiritual Rulers) and Sons of Yaldabaoth(Samael/Sakla).Yaldabaoth is perceived to be the Devil Satan,the great dragon whose tail is in his mouth.But some says gnostic says that Yaldabaoth is the Creator-god of Israel himself.

2. Both have Bestial feature or have beastly form.For both are sons of the bestial or beast creature Yaldabaoth.Beast begot Beast,as evil begot evil.

The bestial physical feature of Archon Sabaoth (or mostly he was called Sabaoth Adonai or Sabaoth Adonaios)- creator god of Israel was hintfully revealed in 1 Enoch 88: 44 -59 : ” but the sheep passed over this water,proceeding to a wilderness which was without both water and grass.And they began to open their eyes and to see.Then i beheld the Lord of the sheep inspecting them,and giving them water and grass.The sheep already mentioned was proceeding with them,and conducting them.And when he had ascended the top of the lofty rock,the Lord of the sheep sent him to them.Afterwards i perceived their Lord standing before them,with an aspect terrific and severe.And when they all beheld him,they were frightened at his countenance.All of them were alarmed and trembled.They cried out after that sheep;and to the other sheep who have been with him,and who was in the midst of them,saying “We are not able to stand before our Lord,or to look upon him!Then the sheep who conducted them went away.and ascended the top of the rock;when the rest of the sheep begun to grow blind,and wander from the path which he had shown them; but he knew it not.Their Lord however was moved with great indignation against them; and when that sheep had learned what had happened,he descended from the top of the rock,and coming to them,found that there were many;which had become blind,and had wandered from his path.As soon as they beheld him,they feared,and trembled at his presence;and become desirous of returning to their fold,then that sheep taking with him other sheep,went to those which had wandered and afterwards began to kill them.They were terrified at his countenance….

James C. Vanderkam says about these verses : Nothing is said here about god’s(God of Israel) giving the Law of Moses; the only hint of it comes as the writer describes the straying of the sheep: they departed from the path Moses had shown them.The aspects of the Sinai event that were more interesting than the law itself were the frightening appearance of the Lord and the fact that the people,right at that spot,made and worshipped the golden calf “

The quoted verses were events in Exodus 19 -20 and Deuteronomy 5- 6 of the canonized bible.They may not be the exact event but scholarly examine they are the same event.We all know that the canonized bible is a tampered book with many errors and contradictions,thus some muslims despises it and says their copy is the accurate and untampered one.

The main point here is why does the people were frighten and terrified and on the spot worship the golden calf instead once they saw the countenance of the “Lord” if the countenance of the “Lord”is beautiful? For no one will be frightened and terrified and have trembling sensations if one saw a very beautiful being,but one will only be scared,freightened and terrified and tremble in fear if one have seen a very ugly and scary being,is not it? Therefore,it means the “Lord” has a beastly form….

The True Good God have a sweet and very beautiful countenance that if someone will see his countenance one will have crush or will admire and will always desire to see His very sweet and beautiful countenance…..but to the scary and terrifying apperance of the God of Israel,one will worship the golden calf instead like what has depicted on the above quoted verses.

3. Both Sabaoth Adamas and Sabaoth Adonai (god of Israel) are Tyrant Ruler.

In “Pistis Sophia”book,the gnostic Jesus depicts Sabaoth Adamas to be a Tyrant Archon or Tyrant Ruler.
In the Mosaic Old Testament,the God of Israel (Sabaoth Adonai) is depicted to be also a Tyrant and Cruel Ruler of his own people.The evidence is crystal clear if one read closely the narratives and the attitude the God of Isarel exhibits on it.His atrocities is apparent or evident on the narratives of the Mosaic Old testament.

4. Both are Ruler or Archon of the Star-Aeons (the 12 constellations)
In regards to Sabaoth Adonai or God of Israel…

4.1. The 1st and 2nd book of Enoch clearly depicts his rulership of the 12 constellations.
4.2. Josephus Flavius,a jewish historian,says that Abraham is an adept (expert) astrologer and astronomer,in his book “Antiquities of the Jews”
4.3. The Gnostic Jesus himself says in the “Pistis Sophia” book that the one who discourses to the Mosaic old testament patriachs(Abraham,Isaac,Jacob,Joseph,Moses,etc.) and prophets are Rulers (Archons) of the Aeons.Morever,the gnostic Jesus even says that while he is descending into the Aeons,the souls of the Partriachs and Prophets were just there stock.

5. Both are “Lord of forces”(Lord of Powers/Lord of Host) and have chariot thrones.

6. Both promote the ‘mystery of congress” or the “mytery of procreation”

>>>Sabaoth Adonai -the god of Israel strictly requires marriage.Thus,he hates homosexuality and homosexual union.

>>>>the spirit that drives the mainstream so called “christian churches” today promotes the “mytery of congress” or “mystery of procreation” and hates homosexuality.And exhibits and display hatred and intolerance toward other religions or they so-called them “pagan; devil worshipper”.They have a “tyrannical attitude”

7. Both rejected the “Mysteries of the Light” and are Enemies of it.
>>>Sabaoth- the creator of Israel arrogantly calims that he alone is the ultimate god of the entire creation and there is no one beside and before him.Morever,he treat “Man” as only a mere “dust of the earth”.Thus,the Pharisees and other teachers of the law of moses in the time of Jesus,accused Jesus of committing blasphemy against the God of Israel.For as i remember in Numbers,there is a certain chapter and verses there which the God of Israel says that “any man who claims to be a god is committing sin against Him and worthy to be punished”For this “man..being only man says he is god..” thus insulting the Godhood of the God of Israel.

>>>the mainstream so called “christian churches” today are Neo-Judaist and Neo-Yahweshist believers and rejected the doctrine of the Heavenly Man and Pleroma or the Kingdom of Light.They rejected the “Mysteries of the Light’ which could save every mortal man.
8. Both are War-gods.

>>>Sabaoth Adamas always makes war against the Light.
>>>Sabaoth Adonai is depicted as a war god in the Mosaic Old testament
>>>The war that is depicted on the New testament book of Revelation

9. Both the fallen angels who begot the race of the Giants on earth(nephilim,Annuki,etc.) come from their regions.

>>>>The angels Gabriel and Michael were angels of these Aeons.
Please watch out for the second part of this comparative study of mine,now the second part is all about the other Sabaoth – the Sabaoth which is called “Sabaoth the Good”. This Sabaoth the Good is also mis identified with Sabaoth Adonai.But i can assure you 100% that Sabaoth the Good is NOT the Sabaoth Adonai or NOT the God of Israel.See it next time …thank you so much :)



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  2. I understood your comment,although it is very negative i still publish it,anyway that is your opinion. And it is my gratitude that you took time to read my article and even comment on it. Thank you so very much :) Mwuah...

    Come back soon for more article you can attack...I like it you know...Ocrayan to the it!

  3. Who is desgracado,filho da puta,maldito,etc.. between us?...perhaps YOU..i guess so because you utter maldito words,desgracado wordings which a filho da puta could only do that.. :)...oh so its you i guess...ehhehe

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  6. The Sabaoth Adonaios could be reptilian draco creature from other planet or could be nothing but just invention of the unlearned scribes of the so-called OT of the so-called "holy bible" of the Christian community and the so-called "holy Quran" of the Muslim community; copied from various sources so that they could form their own religion to follow to...or it could be that Israelites are not true but just mere tribal people who are arrogant and barbaric..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Many times the Sabaoth is mentioned in Gnostic scriptures directly as Sabaoth, the Good. In particular, the Hypostasis of the Archons states:
    "And Zoe (Life), the daughter of Pistis Sophia, cried out and said to him, "You are mistaken, Sakla!" - for which the alternative name is Yaltabaoth. She breathed into his face, and her breath became a fiery angel for her; and that angel bound Yaldabaoth and cast him down into Tartaros below the abyss.

    Now when his offspring Sabaoth saw the force of that angel, he repented and condemned his father and his mother, matter. He loathed her, but he sang songs of praise up to Sophia and her daughter Zoe. And Sophia and Zoe caught him up and gave him charge of the seventh heaven, below the veil between above and below. And he is called 'God of the forces, Sabaoth', since he is up above the forces of chaos, for Sophia established him." Retrieved from

  8. Anonymous says:

    Furthermore, in On the Origin of the World it states:
    "Now when the heavens had consolidated themselves along with their forces and all their administration, the prime parent became insolent. And he was honored by all the army of angels. And all the gods and their angels gave blessing and honor to him. And for his part, he was delighted and continually boasted, saying to them, "I have no need of anyone." He said, "It is I who am God, and there is no other one that exists apart from me." And when he said this, he sinned against all the immortal beings who give answer. And they laid it to his charge.

    Then when Pistis saw the impiety of the chief ruler, she was filled with anger. She was invisible. She said, "You are mistaken, Samael," (that is, "blind god"). "There is an immortal man of light who has been in existence before you, and who will appear among your modelled forms; he will trample you to scorn, just as potter's clay is pounded. And you will descend to your mother, the abyss, along with those that belong to you. For at the consummation of your (pl.) works, the entire defect that has become visible out of the truth will be abolished, and it will cease to be, and will be like what has never been." Saying this, Pistis revealed her likeness of her greatness in the waters. And so doing, she withdrew up to her light.

    Now when Sabaoth, the son of Yaldabaoth, heard the voice of Pistis, he sang praises to her, and he condemned the father [...] at the word of Pistis; and he praised her because she had instructed them about the immortal man and his light. Then Pistis Sophia stretched out her finger and poured upon him some light from her light, to be a condemnation of his father. Then when Sabaoth was illumined, he received great authority against all the forces of chaos. Since that day he has been called "Lord of the Forces".

    He hated his father, the darkness, and his mother, the abyss, and loathed his sister, the thought of the prime parent, which moved to and fro upon the waters. And because of his light, all the authorities of chaos were jealous of him. And when they had become disturbed, they made a great war in the seven heavens. Then when Pistis Sophia had seen the war, she dispatched seven archangels to Sabaoth from her light. They snatched him up to the seventh heaven. They stood before him as attendants. Furthermore, she sent him three more archangels, and established the kingdom for him over everyone, so that he might dwell above the twelve gods of chaos" Retrieved from

  9. Anonymous says:

    Many more examples can be found here:

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ah okay,but that Sabaoth is still in a beastial form though according to the nag hammadi gnostic scriptures like "On Origin of The World" he or she change from battling against her mother into siding her mother due to fear of the so-called angel of wrath..

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don't argue that Sabaoth has a form different than that of an Earthling human, it's just that Adamas is not Sabaoth. This can be seen in the following passage of the Pistis Sophia where Sophia is being pursued by Adamas, the Tyrant - Sabaoth is not involved:
    (the First Mystery is, of course, the gnostic Jesus the Saviour who is teaching mysteries to his disciples...)

    "And the First Mystery continued again and said unto the disciples: "It came to pass then, when Pistis Sophia had finished uttering the words of this song, that she turned herself back to see whether Adamas and his rulers had turned back to go to their æon. And she saw them, how they pursued after her. Then she turned unto them and said unto them:

    Sophia addresseth Adamas and his rulers."'1. Why pursue ye after me and say: I should not have help, that it [sc. the Light] should save me from you?

    "'2. Now, therefore, my vindicator is the Light and a strong [one]; but it is long-suffering until the time of which it hath said unto me: I will come and help thee. And it will not bring its wrath upon you always. But this is the time of which he hath spoken unto me.

    "'3. Now, therefore, if ye turn not back and cease not to pursue after me, then will the Light make ready its power, and it will make itself ready in all its powers.

    "'4. And in its power hath it made itself ready, so that it may take your lights which are in you, and ye may become dark; and its power hath brought it to pass, so that it may take your power from you and ye go to ground.'

    "And when Pistis Sophia had said this, she looked at the region of Adamas and saw the dark and chaotic region |174. which he had made, and saw also the two dark exceedingly violent emanations which Adamas had emanated, in order that they might seize Pistis Sophia and cast her down into the chaos which he had made, and constrain and harass her in that region, until they should take her light from her. It came to pass then, when Pistis Sophia had seen those two dark emanations and the dark region which Adamas had made, that she feared and cried unto the Light, saying:

    Sophia again singeth to the Light."'1. O Light, lo! Adamas, the doer of violence, is wrathful; he hath made a dark emanation,

    "'2. And he hath also emanated another chaos and hath made another dark and chaotic [one] and made it ready.

    "'3. Now, therefore, O Light, the chaos which he hath made, in order to cast me down therein and take from me my light-power, take then from him his own.

    "'4. And the plan which he hath devised, to take my light,--they are to take his own from him; and the injustice which he hath spoken, to take my lights from me,--take then all of his.'

    "These are the words which Pistis Sophia hath uttered in her song. Now, therefore, who is sober in spirit, let him come forward and set forth the solution of the words which Pistis Sophia [hath uttered] in her song."

    from Chapter 79 retrieved here:
    Sabaoth is one of the Archons, but is distinct from the God of the Jews, who was Ialdabaoth/Samael/Sakla, referred to in the Pistis Sophia as "Self-Willed".

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    I am so elated to see other things discussed other than traditional misconceptions. These teachings are the beginning to us finding the strait and narrow path. It can not or will not be comprimised. The Only begotton spoke of what was going to happen to the truth in many of his teachings but we have been taught that these sayings mean something else. When will we stop holding on to the things thjat are not real or true and become BOLD ENOUGH to say that we have been worshipping the devil himself. It is no truth in him.

  14. Thank You. These are very deep considerations indeed...& I'm not sure whether my mind is up to the task. I must say that my heart has been ever dismayed by the images of a Wrathful, Merciless, Vengeful & Violent Cosmic ruler. In exasperation I turned to the descendants of the Vedas & have been comforted by the various aspects of the Goddess & her power; Shakti. This has somehow lead me back to the God of Israel via the Gnostic & Apocryphal texts. I hope there is an answer to my confusion here.

  15. Gor Don says:

    Yeah I read the gnostic texts with the non-canon gospels and jesus sayings... and it makes much more sense than the bible OT and NT -which never made sense to me at all: jesus totally contradicts the old testament Yahweh sabaoth god. Who needs these hoards/armies of angels if you are so omnipotent? etc! The gnostic texts jesus says very clearly where he is from, why he came, how, and that this was an erroneous infinitely divided universe - making it a "realm of poverty"and that procreation is basically perpetuating the problem and playing into the fake god's hands. I think our collective consciousness is holding this fake reality together. It has no hallmarks of the two-faced god christians believe - the mish-mash that attempted to paste-over the gnostic stuff (after killing them all) and roll it up to pretend jesus came from sabaoth. I was reading the nag hammadi with the (also very vedic) perspective that this is a simulated universe that is infinitely divided in predictable structure from "the word" - coded information- one thing representing another and therefore creating a realm within that is isolate from its substrate - like a dream or a computer simulation. This is how I interpreted what jesus was saying. This sabaoth alien, basically, used his 'substance' to make a universe from coded information, which, from within, appears to be real and physical. Jesus was also an alien by our definition but just recognise he came from 'outside'.
    Well it makes sense to me. If you cant handle that this is a simulation look at this: this guy is a genius of simplicity. Its the paper that convinced me that we are simulated. This in my opinion is the kind of creation jesus was referring to when he talked about this world. Humans almost have that power now. But its an empty goal, making worlds within worlds. I certainly dont feel at home in this reality. Its very futile and cyclic.

  16. Seriously, people think I am crazy or being mislead because I have come to the conclusion there are 2 Gods, one a spiritual God (Jesus Father) One a Material God, which is Adamas, he created Adam for his plaything, Satanael gave them consciousness. We have been praying to a material God. I try to warn others, but no one listens. So glad I have a forum to talk.

  17. Unknown says:

    Y'all need some Jesus. And I mean the real Jesus Christ. I'm sorry but Gnosticism is nothing but satanism wrapped up I'n a "wise" fashion, mixing of mysticism, spiritualism, philosophy. Guys, it's not hard to understand the Truth. "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Jesus Christ is the visible image of the invisible God, God manifested himself in a man to #1 reteach his doctrine and Law, and #2 sacrifice a perfect sacrifice for sins for ALL MANKIND once and for all. "I and the Father are one." Satan is the god of this world, he wants to be God, he plays god. Satan did not create this world he does not have that type of power, stop giving the serpent so much credit. There is ONE GOD, that created EVERYTHING the heavens, the earth, the birds, the bees, you and me. The OT God is not Satan and it is not some strange god, if you would actually read the Bible and listen to what Jesus says and his instructions, you would know these things. In the OT God punished people for worshipping Satan aka Baal aka Lucifer aka the Devil. God punished Israel for "going whoring after strange gods" and practicing idolatory, which is not hard to understand what that is. God is of wrath and of mercy. You pray to God, repent of your sins and love him as he loved you, then he has mercy on you. Act like he is not God and worship Satan of course he will destroy you. "For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son to DIE for our sins." <-- Jesus Christ being crucified. "Love the Lord your God with all your mind, heart, and soul." "Love your neighbour as you love yourself." "There is no greater love than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

  18. You do realize Gnosticism acknowledges Jesus Christ as the Savior of humanity?

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