Believing oneself

Brief Summary: Believing oneself should be prioritized first before embarking on believing to other people and believing god, so that you will have a strong footing or a solid foundation where the tempest or deception and spiritual robbery could not put you down and devastate you.
If you doubt yourself and cast every form of malice you can against yourself, surely one time you will suddenly collapse and drop dead on the streets or on your bed.
Believing oneself is very vital to your own existence and survival, though there are many external and internal enemies that so frequently attacks your will power and your faith and trust to yourself, like sickness and diseases and detractors; don’t give in your trust and faith to your enemies. Don’t stop believing yourself because faith and trust to oneself is the very foundation of being alive and kicking. Yes, believing oneself is your own life-blood that makes you stand and move every day of your life and also of course believing to others is an additional support to boost your trust and faith to oneself.
See if you do not believe yourself or do not trust and have faith to yourself, you do not also love yourself as well as you do not love others because you are giving them a damn problem by your own mess and lack of trust to oneself. Thus, I said a while ago that if you doubt yourself and act every sort of malice against yourself, one time you will collapse and drop dead. Therefore, it is important to believe first yourself before others because you might be a vulnerable victim of spiritual robbery or spiritual theft if you are weak in yourself. For others sometimes rob and steal your trust and faith to yourself like the religious fanatic preachers who preach you and corrupt your mind that you are a very sinful being that is deserving to be thrown into hell fire that you should repent and believe the god these religious fanatic preachers preach you, else you will not be save from terrible punishment in hell and will not go to heaven. They cast every form of negative energies and frequencies into yourself so that you will no more trust yourself but doubt yourself. They are instilling fear in your being so that they could rob your faith and trust to yourself and give in your trust and faith to them and to their god instead. This is so in order they could control you and run your life in their hands and commands you like a puppet. How terrible that believing god should be like this!
Surely, believing god in true essence is not like what the mainstream religious fanatic preachers preach you to be. For it is so evident that they preach that believing god is killing yourself first by not relying to yourself but only to the god they preach. Submit your faith and trust to their god, then you will live as they preach. But how can you live with only believing god (believing Jesus alone, believing Islam to be the true religion, etc.) and without believing yourself first? What they wanted you to be? – a brainless puppet that they could control by their hands? ; A lower IQ sheep that they could shepherd? Oh my God!


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