Before JC There Was Part Two

This is continuation from part 1

In order to appreciate the comparison that follows, we offer some information about who Horus is and how he fits into Egyptian culture:
§  P’TAH (Gods of Heaven came to Earth from the Celestial Disk) installed as Egypt’s first Divine Ruler his own son RA and
§  RA then divided the Egyptian kingdom between the ’gods’...
§  OSIRIS and SETH who fought over control of the kingdom.
§  After OSIRIS was killed, resuscitated and resurrected, his place on the throne was taken over by his son...
§  HORUS, whose mother was ISIS.
§  Then HORUS was given Upper and Lower Egypt by the Lord of the Earth thus becoming the legitimate heir in the RA-OSIRIS line of succession, establishing that kingship had a perpetual divine connection.
(To understand Egyptian history, one must read Sitchin’s books about the Sumerian civilization and its connection to Egypt.)

Some say that the Christian religion came directly out of the Egyptian religion; at least, it was the probable source of the origins of Christianity. Be it further noted that Zecharia Sitchin in The Lost Realms (page 183), claims that the Sumerian ENKI was the Egyptian P’TAH, the Sumerian MARDUK was the Egyptian RA and NINGISH was the Egyptian THOTH. Now let’s compare the Egyptian HORUS with the Christian JESUS CHRIST.

A List of the similarities between Horus and Jesus:
·        Horus and the Father are one.
·        Jesus says, "I and My Father are one. He that seeth Me, seeth Him that sent Me."
·        Horus is the Father seen in the Son.
·        Jesus claims to be the Son in whom the Father is revealed.
·        Horus was the light of the world, the light that is represented by the symbolical eye, the sign of salvation.
·        Jesus is made to declare that He is the light of the world.
·        Horus was the way, the truth, the life by name and in person.
·        Jesus is made to assert that he is the way, the truth, and the life.
·        Horus was the plant, the shoot, the natzar.
·        Jesus is made to say: "I am the true vine."
·        Horus says: It is I who traverse the heaven; I go round the Sekhet-Arru (the Elysian Fields); Eternity has been assigned to me without end. Lo! I am heir of endless time and my attribute is eternity.
·        Jesus says: " I am come down from Heaven. For this is the will of the Father that everyone who beholdeth the Son and believeth in Him should have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day." (He, too, claims to be lord of eternity.)
·        Horus says: " I open the Tuat that I may drive away the darkness."
·        Jesus says: " I am come a light unto the world."
·        Horus says: I am equipped with thy words O Ra (the father in heaven) (ch.32) and repeat them to those who are deprived of breath. (ch.38). These were the words of the father in heaven.
·        Jesus says: " The Father which sent me, he hath given me a commandment, what I should say and what I should speak. Whatsoever I speak, therefore, even as the Father said unto me, so I speak. The word which ye hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me."
A comparative list of some pre-existing types to Christianity shows further how these types were brought on in the canonical Gospels and the Book of Revelation:
1. Horus baptized with water by Anup = Jesus Baptized with water by John.
2. Anup, the Baptizer = John the Baptist.
3. Aan, a name of the divine scribe = John the divine scribe.
4. Horus born in Annu, the place of bread = Jesus born in Bethlehem, the house of bread.
5. Horus the Good Shepherd with the crook upon his shoulders = Jesus the Good Shepherd with the lamb or kid upon his shoulder.
6. The Seven on board the boat with Horus = The seven fishers on board the boat with Jesus.
7. Horus as the Lamb = Jesus as the Lamb.
8. Horus as the Lion = Jesus as the Lion.
9. Horus identified with the Tat or Cross = Jesus identified with the Cross.
10. Horus of twelve years = Jesus of twelve years.
11. Horus made a man of thirty years in his baptism = Jesus made a man of thirty years in his baptism.
12. Horus the Krst = Jesus the Christ.
13. Horus the manifesting Son of God = Jesus the manifesting Son of God.
14. The trinity of Atum the Father, Horus the Son, and Ra the Holy Spirit = The trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
15. The first Horus as a child of the Virgin, the second as the Son of Ra = Jesus as the Virgins child, the Christ as Son of the Father.
16. Horus the sower and Set the destroyer in the harvesting = Jesus the sower of the good seed and Satan the sower of tares.
17. Horus carried off by Set to the summit of Mount Hetep = Jesus spirited away by Satan into an exceedingly high mountain.
18. Set and Horus contending on the Mount = Jesus and Satan contending on the Mount.
19. The Star as the announcer of the child Horus = The Star in the East that indicated the birthplace of Jesus.
20. Hours the avenger = Jesus who brings the sword.
21. Horus as Iu-em-Hetep, who comes with peace = Jesus the bringer of peace.
22. Horus the afflicted one = Jesus the afflicted one.
23. Horus as the type of life eternal = Jesus the type of eternal life.
24. Horus as Iu-em-Hetep, the child teacher in the temple = The child Jesus as teacher in the temple.
25. The mummy bandage that was woven without seam =The vesture of Christ without a seam.
26. Twelve followers of Horus as Har-Khutti = Twelve followers of Jesus as the twelve disciples.
27. The revelation written down by Aan (Tehuti) the scribe of divine words = The revelation by John the divine.
28. The saluter Aani, who bears witness to the word of Ra and to the testimony of Horus = John who bears witness to the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
29. The secret of the Mysteries revealed by Taht-Aan = The secret of the Mysteries made known by John.
30. Horus the Morning Star = Jesus the Morning Star.
31. Horus who gives the Morning Star to his followers = Jesus who gives the Morning Star to his followers.
32. The name of Ra on the head of the deceased = The name of the Father written on the forehead.
33. The Paradise of the Pole Star-Am-Khemen = The Holy City lighted by one luminary, that is neither the Sun nor the Moon = the Pole Star.
34. The Har-Seshu, or servants of Horus = The servants of Jesus Christ.
In addition, an extensive excerpt from Comparative Cosmology by Akif Manaf J., Ph.D. is posted here.

Excerpt from Churchward’s Book Of Religion, first published in 1924:
·        Similarities between Krishna and Christ:
o   Both are held to be really god incarnate
o   Both were incarnated and born of a woman
o   The mother in each case was a holy virgin
o   The father of each was a carpenter
o   Both were of royal decent
o   Each had the title of "Savior"
o   Both were "without sin"
o   Both were crucified
o   Both were crucified between two thieves
o   Each taught of a great and final day of judgment
Here is a small list of writers that lived during the time of Jesus, aside from two forged passages in the work of a Jewish author, and two disputed passages in the work of Roman writers, there is to be found no mention of Jesus Christ in this mass of Jewish and Pagan writers.

Auls Gellius
Dio Chrysostom
Dion Pruseus
Florus Lucius
Justus of Tiberius
Quintius Curtius
Pliny the Elder
Pliny the Younger
Pompon Mela
Theon of Smyran
Valerius Flaccus
Valerius Maximus

Imagine that an event so important to the history and well being of man not being recorded by a single writer of the time it occurred.

It is liken to man landing on the moon and walking on it for the first time in the history of man, and have not a single person write about it during the time it occurred.