Usefulness Vs. Mere Existence

Most people do not buy and took anything just because they want the existence of this thing in their lives rather they buy and took things because they need this thing for a particular usage that will benefit themselves.
The bottom-line is people will not buy and took things that will not benefit them eventually. But the question is, is this line of thinking a form of selfishness? For one only buy and took things because one will benefit oneself and not because one just want this and that in one’s life without any purpose but only mere existence on one’s life. The mere existence of something without any usage serves already usefulness for someone who has it on one’s life; that is its existence.
But still this is for the benefit of oneself.

Why do people only love something that will benefit themselves and hate something that will not benefit themselves; is this selfishness?

Can you help me answer this?



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