Jesus is Not Eternal and Never Existed

The Jesus Christ spoken by the Christian sects NEVER EXISTED and just a mere NADA.An invention of the Roman Emperor Constantine belief by many fools and have no love for life and loveless for life means Non-existence...

Beginning less = Eternity = Life

Beginning = Time = Mortality and Immortality = Death and Evolution

Jesus is not the Ultimate Source Neither Jesus' Heavenly Father is the Ultimate Source for both do not exist because they are not the Ultimate Source neither the Christians could validate or certified or confirm their existence but can be certified and verified and confirmed that they are just mere creation of the crazy and desperate minds of the ignorant and naive people who have no zest for life and crying for just human savior and in perishment because they love non-existence.

The Jesus Christ of the Christian World truly never exist because i have spoken and testified by the deceased Christians who realized that Jesus Christ is NADA and crying hopelessly on the state they have died....

Jesus' Heavenly Father Needs also the Ultimate Source to exist eternally or to EXIST....without the Ultimate Source the Heavenly Father of Jesus will die also....

Take it or Not...but what i am saying is 1 trillion percent TRUE AND FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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