Sleep Paralysis and Consciousness

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okay so the first step to astral projection is mastering Sleep Paralysis:
Some reports read that various factors increase the likelihood of both paralysis and hallucinations. These include:[16]

  • Sleeping in a face upwards or supine position
  • Irregular sleeping schedules; naps, sleeping in, sleep deprivation
  • Increased stress

If Astral Projection really works then it should be easy to prove. Exit your body and check out whats hidden in an adjacent room.
In a forceful way as you want to. The consciousness is attached to the body to make the physical body conscious...but it can be disbanded from the physical body for Consciousness is not flesh and blood....just take for example those who have been comatose for a week or months...their physical body is breathing or alive but they have no any Consciousness...Thus,there is saying "Mind-Body connection"...the Mind and Body are NOT ONE ENTITY.They are TWO DISTINCT ENTITY BINDED TOGETHER....the physical body needs consciousness to stand up and move not just breathing and to have mind.And the Consciousness needs a body to use to fulfill its thoughts and ideas.

Consciousness is not a mere biological or a neuron in the brain,rather it is a Spiritual matter...for if you say that Consciousness is mere neuron or neurons in the biological brain...then GOD NEVER EXIST...everything is biological and natural then....

some thought that "matter' is the true reality and despise the gnostic ones to be "escapist" of it,but the truth is "matter" is nothing but an illusion or a temporal was only run by the Ones who really exist -the Pure Light (where Energies and Life come from)...Matter was ENERGIZED OR ANIMATED(GIVE LIFE) BY LIGHT-FORCE...THUS "MATTER" IS NOTHING BUT AN ILLUSION OF THE TRUE REALITY WHICH IS THE LIGHT AND ITS WHEREABOUTS.

Sleep paralysis is said to be the easiest way to get out your Consciousness out of your physical body though it is really hard to paralyzed your sleep..Ako nun bata lang ako nagka sleep paralysis or fully aware of it..un experience ko where not siguro brought by sleep paralysis kasi i don't feel the paralyzed effect,however, siguro i am not just conscious kung hindi ko maigalaw ang kamay ko o paa,conscious kasi ako sa interactions ko sa mga spirits...perhaps my physical body has been in a state of sleep paralysis when experiencing this hindi lang ako conscious about kaya hindi ko siya felt.

Is there other safe way to disband your Consciousness momentarily from your physical body aside from sleep paralysis...

Kapag ba dead na ang physical body mo,dead na rin ba ang Consciousness mo? hindi dba? it has been proven sa mga comatose patient ....can you explain ba how a comatose patients regain consciousness after 1 month or two months or even some after 1 year...can you explain it why?


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