What Lies Beyond our Dark Universe(IEW)?

Some says,nothing because what we already see in our universe is already the ultimate reality.Others says that the dark that is seen on our universe is the nothingness,but for me Nothingness is nothing or it can not be describe as dark because it is nothing yet they can describe it as "dark",thus the darkness that envelopes our universe is indeed Something we should reckon to think about why darkness RULES our universe and why we are covered or enveloped by it. This darkness could not be the ultimate reality of existence.

Why dark and why not Light envelopes us,is the Creator cover us with its radiating Light?And where is the place of the Creator?Is it also dark similar to our universe?

It is impossible that there is no Creator who bring forth our dark universe,that everything comes out with a Big bang out of the blue without purpose and aim for we here Humans have intelligence and not just living a very mundane and directionless existence.

Directionless existence means there is no Path or it is chaotic...

What lies beyond IEW is PEW which is the plausible and probable answer to this question,if you will.


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