Who Are the True Seekers of True Salvation?

Servant-hood is not salvation at all neither Fearing-god.For these two is an evident that you are still SLAVE NOT A CHILD (son or daughter).

A person who desire to be saved will not say " I am a servant of god"..." I fear god"....what a conflicting statement you have then!

Rather one who desire to be saved will brawl against god and will move to seek it....Hindi "yes po" ang true salvation....our Heroes never say "yes po" to someone above them in order to attain freedom and salvation.

A true seekers of Salvation is the one who desire freedom and liberty,gets?

Take note : sa mga hindi nakakaintindi sa sinasabi ko and will think "foolish" judgement against me"...do not quote me and reply..ok? it is waste of time feeding misunderstandings after misunderstandings.


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