Knowledge Saves Not the Blood of Jesus!

Jesus himself says that those who have not received any of the Mysteries of the Light(the Hidden Gnosis) will not be saved and will not ascend into the Realm of the Light even though you are a good and rightheous man.

Knowledge of the Real true Truth is the only way for us to be saved.Some people will not believed it because they do not understand that Knowledge have Power.

The Book of Proverbs also emphasizes the importance of Knowledge and Understanding or Wisdom,that we should get it and seek wisdom rather than gold and silver. For Wisdom SAVES US from Danger and leads us INTO LIFE.Thus proving that Wisdom have indeed a power to SAVE US and lead us INTO LIFE.

Sacrificial Blood Offering of an animal or human body,as they say Jesus human body to a bloodthirsty god WILL NOT NOT SAVE US AND LEAD US INTO LIFE. Blood Sacrifice is just as good as NOTHING,for it was just a capricious desire and condition of the god to do it so that one who have offended him,he can forgive. However,even though that offender offer multitude of blood offerings or offer himself or his blood many times,if the god still reluctant to accept his multiple blood offerings,it has still none effects for him the god will forgive him for his sins...

Blood offerings is like this :

The One Offended : "In order for me to forgive your sins to me,you must kill yourself and offer me your blood and flesh to me"

The Offender :" If that is the only way you can forgive me, i will kill myself for you,so that we will be okey again"

It is really ridiculous and silly....

Did Jesus gave us his blood and flesh just only to pacify "god's tantrums"?? What an insecure,selfish,short-sighted,and self-centered god!!!!! But if Jesus will not do it...this jealous and insecure will Kill us All? how cruel and evil and narrow-minded god he is?

Did not Knowledge or wisdom save us from the impending danger that is waiting for us? For wisdom teaches us that if we do this and do that,these will be the consequences we will face.On the other hand, does not Foolishness and Ignorance leads us to danger and death and destruction and not life? Foolishness and "Ignorance ENDANGERS OUR SOULS and LEAD US INTO ALL FORMS OF EVIL AND DISASTERS AND DEATH...BUT WISDOM SAVES OUR SOULS FROM DANGER AND LEAD US TO LIFE...(photo credits:


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