Is "Date" Really The Measurement?

Is "date" the real measurement in determining that the scripture should be included on the canon of christian beliefs?

I know date is important for it dates back origin from the time of the very first Christians or to the original apostles themselves,however,is date is only the measurement to say that this particular scripture is the scripture or scriptures being used by the original Christians?

Though the date may be at the times of the apostles if what is written on it does not speaks what the apostles really preached and believed,it is also non-sense.

In my opinion whatever date the scripture may be if what is written on it speaks the truth,it can be included.

But the problem now is what really the apostles originally believed?
Yup,dating a scripture could determine as well what the apostles originally believed but only on "doubting" or skeptic side.

But date also could not use to judge a scripture to be fake or not,but the contents of it.


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