The Destructible Jesus?

Jesus said in the gnostic scripture "The Sophia of Jesus Christ", that "He who has a beginning has an End",this saying of Jesus has an implication to Jesus himself as if he saying some important matters about himself.

We all know that Jesus existence is NOT BEGINNINGLESS because THE FATHER precedes him in existence,is not it? Thus,his existence HAS BEGINNING.

What does this statement of him suggest?

That,Jesus has an END?
That,Jesus is Destructible?

This statement of him cannot be wrong because it is indeed true the "he who has beginning has an end" because he or one is not beginningless. For one who is Beginningless is indeed Eternal in existence.For a Beginningless Being,Life Does not starts in him rather Life is Him and Life is in Him


  1. Anonymous says:

    so do you mean Jesus is not eternal being?

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