Hard to Fathom?

[QUOTE=talkshowsonmute;37059672]One could say Art is created by man,, as a need to express his creativity. But then this theory would fall short of the Creative Genius seen in all the Universe. beauty wonder at intricate nature, or even a spider web. Man did not create these things, but this is Art.

"People created religion".. hard to fathom in this respect. As if man created the universe and set the laws himself.

If you use the concept of the "mainstream christianity,that Man is just a mere dust and is Not God" and your experienced as a MORTAL MAN..surely, it will be hard for you to fathom.....the mindset that we are just Human (dust) being and is subjected under the ruling of our Dark Universe will surely 100 % will block you...It was just only earth-bound then,an inferiority complex-mindset..or rather an introvert mindset...

But in a Gnostic belief...Mortal Man is Just a weak projection of the REAL TRUE MAN(Race of IMMORTAL MANKIND where jesus and we belong) who exist before our Universe existed....THE TRUE MAN ARE THE TRUE GODS WHO FASHION THE PLEROMA (THE UNIVERSE ABOVE OUR DARK UNIVERSE)..AND THE PET OF TRUE MAN THROUGH MAN'S CREATIVE POWER CREATED OUR DARK UNIVERSE...

I know this is hard for you to fathom because most of mortal man has been conditioned in their thought that they are just a mere dust and earthlings who does not have the capacity to be "god"...this is a clear deception of the 'mainstream christianity" that blocks our real power of our existence..This gnostic belief is not a mere invention of a Gnostic beleiver for if you use your Mind correctly,there is a 100 % fact and reality of their beliefs

Some think that our existence on this planet is just a mere biological and introvert : that is,to live,to die,to eat,to sleep,to play,to make love (procreate),to worship the creator,to follow the rules of the society,to do good,to marry,to worship and serve our creator,etc.etc...Most "mainstream christianity" and some "atheist and "agnostic" come up with such introvert thinking...which drags us more into an abyss of depression,loneliness,enslavery,and sinfulness(the state of separation from our true origin and nature)..

However,there is spark of divinehood or godhood on our Minds,thus we are Intelligent beings and have the capacity to create and conceived...Without your Mind,you could never distinguish an object or something neither you could not understand and explain everything....Kita muba ang mga naka comotose patient?...their mortal body is alive but as if they have No Mind to recognize everything around them....the patient could neither move and talk...IT IS THOUGH MIND THAT WE LIVE,

Mainstream christianity has an INTROVERT MINDSET - that is INTROVERT CREATORSHIP/GODHOOD(that there is only One solitary creator and god in the entire creation like the Mindset of Yaldabaoth) and INTROVERT EXISTENCE (that is,we alone exist in the entire universe,there is no other alien life forms,no parallel existence,we live and die,worship and serve the one creator,do good in the society,etc.etc. which is of Yaldabaoth's mindset also)....their mindset is very dangerous because it only leads men into atheism and agnosticism because they confine the thoughts and mind of those who are under them....thus ang iba gustong kumawala sa solitary confinement of their minds...and eventually become atheist or agnostic....

Ang iba gustong kumawala sa mainstream religion because we have the spark of a Divine or Godhood...thus our Minds cannot be confinded...kakawala at kakawala ito...a "god" and a "king" is not a slave,is not it? But some "elite" wants to enslave those who have a weak Mind so that they can be "god" over them...ONLY THE STRONG ONES RULE BUT THE WEAK ARE ALWAYS SLAVE OR UNDER THE STRONG ONES.. (photo credits : http://z.hubpages.com/u/408112_f520.jpg)


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