Two Worlds In Accordance To This Site

This weblogsite "Ecclesia Pleroma" shares that there might be a TWO existing WORLDS in the creation.Two Major Worlds divided into multiple dimensional realities or universes,as the admin of this weblogsite perceives.

The other WORLD (that is IEW; see below this page) is already proven to be True for that is the universe or world we homo sapienity (earth humans) dwells as well as the said "alien" Beings on other star systems..

THE TWO WORLDS as EPAdmin perceive :

1.Ecclesia Pleroma or Perfect Endless World [PEW]

Ecclesia Pleroma or PEW (Perfect Endless World) is a multiverse world of Lights, as I envisioned it to be, above our multiverse World of Darkness or IEW (Imperfect erroneous World).

Multiverse because it does not only constitutes one universe or one “heaven”, as an ancient scripture terminology calls it but two or more universes or “Heavens”.

And PEW is surrounded or envelope with a vast infinite magnitude of Pure Light [compare to IEW which is surrounded or envelope with a vast infinite magnitude of Deep Darkness.

In PEW, there is a perfect harmony of the universes and light from the Ultimate Source which makes the Beings in PEW lives forever.

What are the Beings in PEW?

-          Beings or creatures in PEW are of course luminous or glowing “gods” in their respective universes. Luminous or glowing because their bodies and consciousness are energized and powered by the pure light coming from the Ultimate Source ad by their well lighted world.
-          Beings or creatures in PEW projects and manifest excellent and exceptional beauties and not terrifying and scary compare to some creatures in IEW. Therefore, Beings or creatures in PEW are Not Bestial in form and appearance or in short No Bestial creature or animal Beings exist in PEW. All Beauty and Elegance.
-          Beings or creatures in PEW are “gods”, because they have light-powers that could create anything they wanted in their respective universes. They do not die because they are connected to the source of Life always and forever; and death is non-existent thing in PEW. They have an Aeonic existence, in short they are Immortals – they have Beginnings but they do not have End or Death.

What Constitute PEW?

Of course, Light and Life.

Light because it is not envelope with Darkness compare to IEW. And light is Heat and Heat is Energy and Energy is Life, and Life is Endless.

 2. IEW – Imperfect Erroneous World

IEW is our Dark multi-universe. Yes, IEW is also multiverse or composes of a number of Universe like PEW, however, IEW’s respective universes composes of swirling and rotating matter and its elements; and the planet Earth where humans dwells is part of one universe of IEW, as well as the planets and stars within our solar system.

The rotating and swirling elements of matter or what the astronomers and scientist call galaxies are galactic clouds and dusts swirling in spiral manner which originated from a bottomless watery substance beginning which is only heated and explode and come into now spinning present state.

What are the Beings in IEW?

-          Beings or creature in IEW are multi-forms, that is from a Bestial Beings into Human-like Beings, and some Unformed Material Substances.

What constitutes IEW?

IEW spiritual configurations are somewhat chaotic or antithetically dualistic, that is Positive and Negative Poles.

IEW also compose of the following:

1. Infinite Magnitude of Deep Darkness that covers or envelops the galaxies. The Light has no dominion in it.
2. Swirling and rotating elements of matter within the Infinite magnitude of deep darkness.
3.Existence of service to Oneself Gods, Alien life forms (in earth dwellers’ perspective, actually these aliens are not really Aliens in IEW, rather true dwellers of IEW like the present humans on planet Earth; humans just fall into oblivion because of manipulation of these Beings),and Humans who are Vainglorious, Jealous, and Insecure of Power, authority and Praise.

-  “I am a Jealous (insecure) god…..if you don’t do whatever I desire, my anger and wrath will remain upon you [he will kill and punish incessantly until they worship him…” (This god is really mad and crazy like the crazy villains in the movies)

4. Existence of unpleasant to not-good to bad and worse character traits like Jealousy [ the state of insecurity and unstableness],Anger/Wrath [the inability to understand, to stay calm and at peace],and Hypocrisy [self-righteousness, pride and prejudice] that results into multiple fights, strifes, contentions, disputes, and most of all WARS.
5. Existence of Imperfection, impotency, weakness, mistakes, errors, lies, falsehood and deception.
6. Existence of Intelligent Bestial Alien Beings on other planets.
7. Existence of swirling and rotational existence in the universe rather than still and peaceful existence.


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